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Folkloric Explorer

Unique in Mauritius

Discover the South East coast of Mauritius, aboard the "Folkloric Explorer".  A UNIQUE and ECOLOGICAL eBoat.

A cruise with Zero Pollution, rewarded by Sustainable Tourism Mauritius 2022.


Visit the largest lagoon on the island, cradle of our civilisation and our historical past. First visited by the Arabs in the 1400's, followed by the Portuguese, the Dutch - who were the first to establish a colony,- the French who settled there in 1722, followed by the British from 1810 to 1968, when the country became independent.

The air is one of the purest in the world. The boat is so quiet and the different shades of blues of the sea and sky provide calm and relaxation.

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Zero carbon footprint

A ship designed in harmony with and respectful of the environment

Solar Panels

Solar panels placed on the roof constantly supply the advanced technology (BMW) batteries that run the electric outboard motors.


"Liberty Kite" 

A "Liberty Kite",   invented by the famous French navigator Yves Parlier, self-stabilising, launched in favorable winds, ensures natural and renewable traction.


Exemplary Stability

The eBoat has exemplary stability thanks to its catamaran-style construction including hulls  consisting of 12 hermetic compartments each. 

The "Robin Hood" Concept

Being an NGO (non-profit), income from paying cruises is used to subsidise activities for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society.

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A minimum of 15 people for outings to take place
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Duration: 2 hours

500 MUR

Relaxation, Relaxation & Resourcing

Mouchoir Rouge

Duration: 5 hours


2250 RS


Historical Coast, Bio Lunch and Discovery 


Duration: 5 hours


1000 MUR


Historical Coast, Historical discovery 

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Duration: 2 hours


600 MUR


Blue Bay Marine Park 


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