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Creation of the Folkloric Explorer

The e-boat was designed by Marcel Lindsay Noë (honorary director and volunteer of SPES). It was designed and built by, Pierre Sénèque, the patriarch of boat builders in Mauritius, having more than 350 to his credit….in a burst of energy at the twilight of his busy life. He continues, moreover, to work on other derived products, helped by his brother Hervé.

SPES is an NGO which has more than half a century of existence. From the beginning SPES, working in concert with international bodies such as UNESCO, has brought state-of-the-art technology to Mauritius. The first computer, the first Auto CAD for the textile industry, computer assisted accelerated literacy and so on.


The e-Boat is part of our latest eMobility program which also includes the first electric bus introduced in Mauritius.


The robust and stable construction provided work for local craftsmen, builders of traditional canoes. Wood for the hull with an aluminum superstructure: two materials that are easily recyclable at the end of their life.

"Folkloric Explorer"   was by the Minister of the Environment and the Ambassador of the European Union in 2022.

"Folkloric Explorer" received the blessing of representatives of the Ecumenical Inter-Religious Committee.

The crew

The captain is Robert Rault, trained at the prestigious Glénans sailing school in France. His brother, Tristan is a flight engineer. Tonino, is the sailor in charge of the boat. Marcel Lindsay Noë is the Historical Narrator. Pierre Sénèque, when you are lucky enough to have him on board, is the "Admiral" and his brother Hervé "assistant admiral".

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