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(Min 15 pers.max.30 pers. for the outing to take place)

Departure: 10:30 am  Mahébourg Waterfront

(Comments by a narrator of history)


We follow the coast going up towards the north and the Pointe du Diable. Entering the La Chaux River estuary to the Cavendish bridge. From the sea, we discover the historic sites of the Grand Port. La Falaise Rouge, the islets of the Monkey and the Mouse, the Salle d'Armes, coral cave in which the French officers fought duels, the Fort Frederick Henrick where the Dutch had built their first fort in 1638 followed by the French and then the English, Vieux Grand Port, First French Chapel (1722), the Queen's Battery, the Bois des Amourettes and its pier built in 1940 to supply boats and seaplanes during the Second World War, Anse Jonchée, where Abbé Charlot , priest and educator but also manufacturer of arak had his domain then Bambou Virieux


Arrival at the pier of Bambous Virieux, a small coastal fishing village where time has stood still. Meeting with Virginie, who after an international career in the field of song chose to return home to set up her restaurant in her parents home: "Le Grand Vent" facing the sea. Here, the fruits of the lagoon, including exotic shellfish, almost impossible to find in the restaurants - because the fishermen generally reserve them first for their personal consumption - are brought to her every day by the members of his family who constitute three-quarters of the inhabitants of the village. For vegetables and farm products, she gets her supplies from farmers in the valley beyond, where they practice Permaculture and organic farming.


 Departure from Bambous Virieux. A look at the Pointe du Diable and the Passe Danois.

Crossing and physical visit of Île aux Fouquets (Lighthouse)

A look at Île de la Passe…and its history

        14:00 p.m.

Crossing to the side of Ile aux Aigrettes (Natural Reserve)

Comments on the Combat du Grand Port


       15:30 p.m.

Back to the Mahebourg Waterfront


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