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Down with the masks

After the forced confinement with the face masks that made it so difficult to breathe, come and fill your lungs with some of the purest air on this planet., blowing straight from the South Pole, after having

ridden over huge waves that liberate precious oxygen…without having crossed over any land mass.

A study has revealed that spending time on the sea enhanced physical and mental well- being. Relaxation and resourcing are boosted by looking at the varying shades of blues in the sea and the sky. This exposition to the Colour Blue is qualified as CHROMOTHERAPY, whose concept represents calm and soothing.

Adding to that, the sea air, charged with negative ions has a positive effect on the hormone Serotonin resulting in a mood boosting effect and a relief of migraines, fatigue, depression and asthma. Of course, pre sea air has a very positive effect on the respiratory tract.

The natural caress of the breeze combined with the gentle lapping of the wavelets contribute to a reduction of stress. Immersion in sea, the richest of mineral waters, cleanses the nasal sinuses and provides

wellness and equilibrium of the body. Its natural exfoliating effect also brings a shine and hydration to the skin along with a cauterizing effect which alleviates itching and even some forms of skin diseases such as eczema, urticaria and psoriasis.

(Inspired by an article by Fateema Capery. Défi Plus)

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