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Blue Therapy    


Duration: 2 hours       (Min 15 pax     Maximum 30 pax)

Relaxation - Physical and Mental Well-Being - Resourcing - Meditation - Relaxation - Stress Reduction - Calm - Soothing - Clean Air - Cleansing of the nasal sinuses and hydration and softening of the skin (for those who choose to take a swim)


Departure :

       10:30 a.m.:   Mahébourg  Waterfront

Sail in silence in the clear waters of the lagoon, enjoying the various shades of blue of the sea and the sky...and breathing the purest of air coming all the way from from Antarctica without crossing over any land mass. MEDITATE.

      11:30 a.m.: Swim stop off Île aux Aigrettes

     12:30 p.m.: Return to the Waterfront  

     13:30 p.m.  Arrival

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