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Visit to Blue Bay Marine Park 
Duration: 3 hours

Departure 10:30 am:  Mahébourg Waterfront


We follow the coast of Mahébourg towards Pointe d'Esny passing in front of the Nature Reserve of the Ile aux Aigrettes. We go up towards the coral reef and the place where the Japanese bulk carrier "Wakashio" ran aground in 2021. We pass in front of what remains of the wreck of the "Dalbair"which hit the coral reef in 1924. We arrive at Blue Bay  and its marine reserve. On the left, Ile aux Deux Cocos and its Moorish-style bungalow built by a governor during British colonization. On the right, the deep blue waters of the Marine Reserve.

Swimming at the edge of the reserve in an authorized place.

Back to Mahebourg.

Arrival 1:30 p.m.

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